Your Digital Brain extension

       (A Tool for knowledge workers that extends your brain's secondary storage)

Unleash Your Full Potential with DigitalBrainEX: Your AI-Enhanced Productivity Partner

Welcome to a new era of effortless organization and enhanced productivity, brought to life by DigitalBrainEX—your intelligent, AI-powered digital companion. Tailored for diligent individuals across Windows platforms, DigitalBrainEX aims to augment your cognitive workflow, acting as a seamless extension of your own capabilities.

Why Choose DigitalBrainEX?

From its humble beginnings as a robust screen capture tool to its evolution into a comprehensive digital assistant, DigitalBrainEX has continuously evolved to meet the growing demands of modern-day professionals. Our vision is simple—to provide an indispensable tool that declutters your digital world, aiding you in staying organized, efficient, and focused on what matters most.

Embark on a journey towards unmatched productivity with DigitalBrainEX. Experience a stress-free digital environment, as we continually innovate to serve you better. Your intelligent productivity journey begins here!

Installation and More Details


Using OpenAI's ChatGPT API, DigitalBrainEX allows you to interact directly with your document archive. Simply ask a question, and DBX will intelligently search and provide accurate answers from your stored documents, streamlining information retrieval. 

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Effortlessly generate and edit meeting minutes with a simple template. Includes a HighLight function to capture and tag crucial audio moments for easy tracking. Effective in online meetings. 

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Utilizing ChatGPT and Whisper technology, DigitalBrainEX automatically records, transcribes, and intelligently summarizes your meetings into key points and action items. Stay engaged in discussions, knowing nothing important will slip through the cracks. 

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 Demo Meeting     Sample Minutes Generated

Easily capture and annotate screenshots to improve team collaboration. A feature-rich toolbar allows you to save files, draw lines, arrows, and add text to clarify your points. Ideal for streamlining work processes and enhancing productivity. 

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Instantly record your screen from the tray icon for effortless demos, bug reports, or video sharing. Designed for quick, straightforward screen captures without the complexity or cost of other tools. 

Plan your day efficiently with customizable tasks and reminders. Selectively carry over incomplete tasks from previous days and set reminders with advance notice or on-the-spot alerts. No need to keep the app running for reminders to work. A comprehensive solution for daily, weekly, and on-date scheduling needs. 

Effortlessly organize and access your documents, whether they're on your computer or Google Drive. Add long names, notes, or tags for easy retrieval. Utilize advanced search with word groups to find what you need quickly. Open files with a simple double-click, making document management a breeze. 

Easily secure sensitive files with robust encryption and password protection. A user-friendly interface allows for quick encryption and decryption, ensuring your confidential data remains inaccessible to unauthorized users. Ideal for professionals managing sensitive information. 

Organize and categorize URLs for easy future reference. Access URLs with a single click, utilize powerful search capabilities, and add notes or custom names for effortless identification. 

Simply drag and drop files to save versions with labels and notes. Ideal for programmers to easily back up code with contextual information. Offers encryption options for added security and allows for convenient file retrieval when needed. 


Consolidate and manage all your passwords securely using multiple master passwords for different groups of credentials. Leveraging Windows' encryption libraries, your passwords are stored in encrypted form for maximum security. Option for easy retrieval when needed. 

Quickly capture and save instant notes with an easy-to-use notepad interface. Seamlessly organize your notes by projects and categories, and utilize a powerful search function for easy retrieval. 

Seamlessly synchronize your files and DigitalBrainEX database with Google Drive for automatic backup and easy accessibility. Future compatibility with our upcoming Android app ensures a unified experience across devices. Ideal for data recovery in case of local machine failures or database corruption. 

Receive timely notifications for your Google Calendar events to keep you punctual for important meetings and appointments. Alerts arrive two minutes before each scheduled event, helping you stay organized and never miss a deadline. 

Automatically detects new or shared files in your Google Drive, storing them in your file manager for easy organization and searchability. For tailored curation, the feature also includes manual file collection between specific dates, helping you consolidate relevant documents created or modified during a particular timeframe. Note: Only individual files are auto-detected, not entire folders. 

Automatically monitor designated folders for new files and have them seamlessly added to your File Manager. Say goodbye to manual searching; effortlessly find and relocate new files to your preferred destinations for optimal organization. 

Take the power of DigitalBrainEX wherever you go with our Companion Android App. Seamlessly sync your tasks, documents, notes, and more between your desktop and mobile device through Google Drive. Enjoy features like intuitive task management, document accessibility, and secret storage, all without subscription fees. Make your life easier and more organized with the DigitalBrainEX Companion Android App.