AI - Meeting Minutes From Audio

Capturing accurate and comprehensive meeting minutes has always been a complex endeavor, often causing attendees to miss out on critical discussions while they're engrossed in note-taking. DigitalBrainEX revolutionizes this process by offering a seamless solution for automatically recording and transcribing your meetings. But it doesn't stop there.

With advanced algorithms, DigitalBrainEX not only transcribes the conversation but also intelligently generates a set of key points and action items directly from the recorded minutes. Unlike standard transcription services, which can yield text that is cumbersome to sift through, our tool synthesizes information into easily readable and understandable summaries.

Users have the flexibility to choose between enhanced text, regular summaries, or concise briefs, depending on their needs. This ensures that you can engage more actively in your meetings, confident that nothing important will slip through the cracks, thanks to the power of DigitalBrainEX.

 Sample Audio and Minutes 

Please find the sample audio file and corresponding minutes generated

Minutes Audio 1

Minutes Document 1