Screen Shots

Screenshots with annotations may be the best way to communicate many things with your colleagues to collaborate. This tool allows you to grab screens, annotate it, then save it to disk or in the document section of the DigitalBrain or copy to clipboard. Marking annotating and scribbling on those screenshots are the best and easy way to communicate. 

The Story Behind the tool

The story of this application's development begins with a developer who had been using a third-party tool extensively in his daily work. However, out of curiosity, he decided to look deeper into the tool's functionality. To his horror, he discovered that the tool had the potential to upload and share screenshots, causing him to immediately uninstall it.

But he soon realized that the tool had become a critical part of his workflow, and he struggled to find a suitable alternative. Despite searching for alternatives, the developer found nothing that was both convincing and safe. This led him to the realization that his only option was to develop a tool himself, one that would guarantee the protection of his personal data.

And so, the developer set out to create a tool that not only addressed the issue of data privacy but also offered additional features to enhance his productivity. The result was a screenshot tool that served as an extension of the developer's digital brain, offering the ability to streamline work processes and improve efficiency.

The developer promises that no data will leave the user's machine unless the machine has already been compromised by a third party. This tool was created with the user's privacy and security in mind, offering a safe and secure alternative to other similar tools on the market.


Image shows a sample annotation done by the tool. This Tool allows user to select a portion of the screen and high light areas and annotate it

Tool Bar

Tool bar provides following options

Use Ctrl+Z to undo edits in the screen