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When you begin juggling multiple tasks and projects, your knowledge base inevitably becomes dispersed across hundreds of documents. Over time, it can become a daunting task to locate the specific document you need and extract the relevant information. However, if you're using DBX (DigitalBrainEX) for document management, this process becomes remarkably straightforward. With DBX, you can simply post your question directly to the system, and it will intelligently search through your documents to provide you with an accurate answer.

Behind the scenes, DBX leverages OpenAI's ChatGPT API to achieve this functionality. All you need to do is update your documents into the DBX knowledge base, and it will handle the rest, making information retrieval a breeze.

In the above given screen shot you can see how precisely it answered 

Sample Chat With DBX about DBX Features

User: what are the main features of Digital Brain EX

DBX: The main features of Digital Brain EX include:

1. Screenshot and Screen Recording: Allows you to grab screens, annotate them, and save them to disk or in the document section of the Digital Brain. You can also record your screen to demonstrate a feature, report a bug, or share a video.

2. Tasks and Reminders: Helps you plan your day by creating a task list. Reminders can be configured to remind before 15 minutes with flashing display and permanent reminder on time.

3. Documents: Allows you to add documents with long names and options for notes. Documents can be searched by words and word groups by "+" sign.

4. File Encryption: Offers a solution to keep your confidential files encrypted and protected with a secure password.

5. URL Collections: Gives an option to organize URLs for future references. URLs can be organized based on your projects and categories.

6. Meeting Minutes: Provides an easy and faster way to create minutes during meetings.

7. File Manager: Allows you to keep a version of file with labels and notes. You can drag and drop any file and save it with labels.

8. Secrets - The Password Store: Allows you to keep all your password access details securely using one single password.

9. Notes: Provides an easy way to take instant notes and save them.

10. Google Drive Linking: Can be linked to Google Apps, which allows for easy backup of your files and Digital Brain EX database to Google Drive.

11. TrackMe: Helps you track what all things and projects you worked on at the end of the day.

User: what technology is used to build DigitalBrainEX

DBX: The technology used to build DigitalBrainEX is not explicitly mentioned in the provided text.

User: does DBX support an android app 

DBX: Yes, the DBX (DigitalBrainEX) tool supports an android app as it is mentioned that it is designed to stay live in your computer and mobile phone to help you organize your daily life.

User: How DBX syncronize between mobile app and PC app 

DBX: DBX, or DigitalBrainEX, synchronizes between the mobile app and PC app through Google Drive. The application can be linked to Google Apps, allowing for easy backup of files and the DigitalBrainEX database to Google Drive. This means that any changes or additions made on one platform (mobile or PC) will be updated and accessible on the other. The application can also automatically pick up recent files and add them to DigitalBrainEX, keeping all important information in one place.

How to Add Documents to DBX Knowledge Base 

To enable Ask Me feature you need to configure OpenAI Key